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From Here On Out


From Here On Out

From Here On Out follows the six members of Hardwicke Circus - a young band from Carlisle - over the course of eight months. We follow their journey as they try and fulfil their goal of playing 250 gigs a year - from playing as an unknown band in prisons and tiny pubs and venues across the South-East Coast of England - to a rapturous homecoming gig in Carlisle, and finally Eurosonic Nooderslag Music Festival in Holland and SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

This six part documentary highlights the unglamorous, real lives of a touring band, as they cope with lack of money, lack of audience, and various mishaps which come with life on the road, which is all kept lighthearted by their funny, relatable personalities and the bond which drives them on. In a rags-to-riches style journey, the fact some band members have never been on a plane before highlights how far and how close they are to achieving their dreams - and discovering whether they will get there.

Currently doing the festival circuit, for full film details please inquire.