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From Here On Out


From Here On Out

From Here on Out invites us into the unpredictable and hectic world of Hardwicke Circus, a young eccentric six piece touring rock band from Carlisle, England following their unglamourous life of being a touring band they attempt to make a living and find even getting to the next gig troublesome. 

Following their journey over the course of two years, we meet them naive and fresh faced as they begin a grueling tour of the south of England. Struggling to stay afloat as they play in prisons, wrestling arenas, 50th birthday parties and the darkest depths of Kent.

Witness how far the band will endure to get the Cumbrian sound into the world, while being placed in the front row seat for this intimate journey as these unlikely lads try and break out of their small town roots all the while being asked to question the price of passion for following your dreams versus the reality of what it can cost.