F5 Films

London Based Film Production Company

Olly Disappears

Narrative Film

Olly Disappears

Alone in his recently deceased fathers apartment, Olly is struck by a crippling dissociative panic attack. With over-the-phone support from his sister, Olly finds a version of calm, but a sinister, abstract presence continues to take hold.

Director: Oskar Brockbank
Producer: Siona Davis / F5 Films
Exec Producer: Oskar Brockbank, Matt Mella, Siona Davis
Writer: Oskar Brockbank
DOP: Jack Reynolds
Editor: Oskar Brockbank
Sound Design: Oskar Brockbank
Composer: Oskar Brockbank
Production Design: Lotte Brockbank
VFX: Oskar Brockbank

Cast: Matt Mella, Abigail Parmenter

Mirada Corta Short Film Festival 2024
Performance Media Awards 2023
Cannes IndieShorts 2023